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Test Name  Disopyramide Level
Code  Disopyramide Level.
CPT Code  80299
Last Modified  4/9/2018 1:16:00 PM
Test Name  Disopyramide.
Synonyms  Rythmodace, Disopyramide, Norpace, TDM,
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Blood
Tube  Red, Lavender (EDTA), Drk Green (Heparin)
Collection Volume  4.0 mL Red or Drk Green, or 2.0 mL Lav
Storage  Ambient, Frozen, Refrigerated 14 days
Routine TAT  3-5
Days Test Performed  Monday -Friday
Performed by BHS  None
See Availability  
Reference Lab  LabCorp of America
Reference Lab Code  007864 Disopyramide, Serum or Plasma
Clinical Use  Evaluate toxicity; monitor therapeutic levels Disopyramide shares electrophysiologic properties with quinidine and procainamide. Up to 80% of oral dose is absorbed. Half-life is 4 to 10 hours. Eighty percent of the drug is excreted in the urine. Dosage must be modified (dosage intervals prolonged) in patients with renal failure. Serious toxic effects are depression of myocardial contractility and disturbances in myocardial conduction. Other effects include dry mouth, constipation, urinary hesitancy, and blurred vision. Metabolite N-desisopropyl disopyramide is also pharmacologically active. Concomitant treatment with phenytoin may lead to decreased serum levels of disopyramide. There may be cumulative effect with other Class I antiarrhythmic drugs (lidocaine, procainamide).
Reference Range  
Critical Value  
Reference Range  
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Serum or Plasma
Min Lab Testing Volume  1.0 mL
Special Handling  Collection:Transfer separated serum or plasma to a plastic transport tube.
Lab Notes  
Methodology  IA - Immunoassay
Limitations  Causes for Rejection: Gel-barrier tube; hemolysis; lipemia; icteric specimen

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