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Test Name  Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) Screen
CPT Code  85610, 85730, 85049,85384, 85380
Last Modified  4/22/2014
Synonyms  Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Screen
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Blood
Tube  3.2 % Blue (Citrate) and Lavender tube (EDTA)
Collection Volume  2.7 Blue top or (1.8) Lt Blue top mL and 3.0 EDTA mL
Storage  Ambient
Routine TAT  1 hour
STAT TAT  30 minutes
Days Test Performed  Daily
Performed by BHS  All Hospitals
See Availability  All shifts
Reference Lab  N/A
Reference Lab Code  
Clinical Use  Diagnose or monitor the process of disseminated intravascular coagulation to include abnormalities in the platelet count, fibrinogen, fibrin split products and fibrinolytic activity.
Reference Range  See Individual Tests
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Plasma
Min Lab Testing Volume  See Lab Notes
Special Handling  Test includes: Protime, APTT, Fibrinogen, D-DIMER, Platelet count***Spin blue tops to obtain a platelet poor plasma.
Lab Notes  DO NOT DRAW FROM LINE! Draw 1 blue top tube (Citrate) and 1 lavender tube (EDTA). ***PT, PTT, and Fib must be run from same tube.
Methodology  See Individual Tests
Limitations  See Individual Tests

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