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Test Name  Drug Panel, Meconium
Code  Drug Screen Meconium
CPT Code  80307
Last Modified  4/11/2021 10:22:00 AM
Test Name  Drug Screen Meconium, MEC DRUG SCRN
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Meconium
Tube  Clean, leakproof, polypropylene container
Collection Volume  5.0 (1.0) grams
Storage  Submission/transport (<3 days): Room temperature. For storage beyond three days, specimen should be refrigerated or frozen.
Routine TAT  2-3 day
Days Test Performed  Daily
Performed by BHS  None
See Availability  
Reference Lab  Other (See Lab Notes field)
Reference Lab Code  809558 Drug Screen 11 with Reflex Confirmation
Clinical Use  Detect fetal exposure to controlled substances
Reference Range  
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Meconium
Min Lab Testing Volume  5.0 (1.0) grams
Special Handling  Specimens from different voidings may be pooled if necessary.
Lab Notes  Reference Lab: MedTox Laboratories Test Includes: Amphetamines; Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cocaine metabolite; Phencyclidine (PCP); Cannabinoids (THC metabolite); Opiates; Oxycodone; Methadone; Buprenorphine; Tramadol Initial presumptive testing by immunoassay at the following testing thresholds: Amphetamines, 100 ng/gm; Barbiturates, 100 ng/gm; Benzodiazepines, 100 ng/gm; Buprenorphine, 5 ng/gm; Cocaine and metabolites, 50 ng/gm; Methadone, 50 ng/gm; Opiates, 50 ng/gm; Oxycodones, 50 ng/gm; Phencyclidine (PCP), 25 ng/gm; Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) metabolite, 25 ng/gm; Tramadol, 50 ng/gm; Presumptive positives confirmed by definitive liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS)
Methodology  Initial testing by immunoassay; confirmation of positives byMass Spectrometry (MS)

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