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Test Name  Egg Yolk F075 IgE
Code  Egg Yolk F075 IgE., RAST Egg Yolk F075 IgE.
CPT Code  86003
Last Modified  
Test Name  Egg Yolk.
Synonyms  allergy, rast, eggs
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Blood
Tube  Red or Gold
Collection Volume  4.0 mL Red or 3.5 mL Gold
Storage  Ambient or Refrigerate 2 weeks, Frozen 3 months
Routine TAT  
Days Test Performed  
Performed by BHS  None
See Availability  
Reference Lab  LabCorp of America
Reference Lab Code  F075-IgE Egg Yolk
Clinical Use   Detect possible allergic responses to various substances in the environment such as animals, antibiotics, foods, grasses, house dust, mites, insects, insulin, molds, smuts, trees, and weeds; evaluate hay fever, asthma, atopic eczema,and respiratory allergy. Quantitative allergen-specific IgE test is indicated: * To determine if a patient has elevated allergen-specific IgE antibodies * If specific allergic sensitivity is needed to allow immunotherapy to be initiated * When testing patients for agents which may potentially cause anaphylaxis * When evaluating patients who are taking medications (eg, long-acting antihistamines) which interfere with other testing modalities (eg, skin testing) * If immunotherapy or other therapeutic measures based on skin testing results have not led to a satisfactory remission of symptoms * When patient is unresponsive to medical management where identification of offending allergens may be beneficial
Reference Range  
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Serum
Min Lab Testing Volume  0.2 mL
Special Handling  
Lab Notes  
Methodology  IMMUNOCAP - ImmunoCAP

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