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Test Name  Urinalysis, Chemistry and Microscopic (Compounded)
Code  UA
CPT Code  81001
Last Modified  4/22/2014
Test Name  Urine Chemical & Microscopic
Synonyms  UA, Urinalysis
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Urine
Tube  Random
Collection Volume  10 mL
Storage  Refrigerated if testing is to be delayed more than 2 hours.
Routine TAT  2 hours
STAT TAT  0.5 hours
Days Test Performed  Daily
Performed by BHS  All Hospitals
See Availability  All shifts
Reference Lab  N/A
Reference Lab Code  39
Clinical Use  Screen for abnormalities of urine, diagnosis and management of renal diseases, urinary tract infection and urinary tract neoplasms.
Reference Range  Color: Straw, Clear, amber, yellow, dark yellow Appearance: Clear Spec. Gravity: 1.001 - 1.030 pH: 4.5 - 8.0 Glucose: Negative Bilirubin: Negative Ketones: Negative Blood: Negative Protein: Negative Nitrite: Negative Leukocytes: Negati
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Urine
Min Lab Testing Volume  10 mL
Special Handling  
Lab Notes  
Methodology  Relectance Spectrophotometry

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