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 Field Name  Data Description
Test Name  Wet Prep
CPT Code  87210
Last Modified  4/22/2014
Test Name  
Patient Preparation  
Spec. Requirements  Swab in sterile saline
Tube  Sterile collection tube
Collection Volume  
Storage  Ambient
Routine TAT  3 hours
STAT TAT  1 hour
Days Test Performed  Daily
Performed by BHS  All Hospitals
See Availability  All shifts
Reference Lab  N/A
Reference Lab Code  
Clinical Use  
Reference Range  Negative
Critical Value  
Component  Fungus
Reference Range  No fungus seen
Critical Value  
Testing Sample Type  Swab in sterile saline
Min Lab Testing Volume  
Special Handling  
Lab Notes  Microspoic examine for Trichomonas, Yeast and clue cells. Testing includes gram stain and wet prep.
Methodology  Microscopy

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